If you cannot find the answer to a question about Wedding Invitation Websites below PLEASE contact me and I will answer you directly.

How long will my wedding website remain active?

The website will stay active for a year from the date of purchase.

Do I have to purchase my own Domain Name?

No! This is included in the price. Your domain name will read “yournames.inviteyouto.net” for example JohnandSally.inviteyouto.net

Do I have to manage the website myself?

No! I will upload all your photos and text. You just have to workout WHAT you want to say on each page and what photos you want displayed.

Will the RSVP come directly to my email address?

Yes. When I set up the site I add your email address to the script so that all your guests will be replying directly to you.

Can I control my own blog?

If you choose the Gold package a blog is included in the price which you will be able to control yourself. I will provide instructions and FULL support for your blog. I have made it REALLY user friendly but you can still add an option for me to control it if you do not feel comfortable doing this.

Can I add more information or choices to the RSVP form


Can you make the background look like our wedding invitation?

Yes. You provide me with the image and I can make it your background. However, don’t forget to check out MY range of matching invitations.

How long does it take to get the website up and running?

This depends on how quickly you get all your photos and information to me. Usually one to two weeks after purchase.

Can I add additional information or images that are not displayed on the template pages?


Can I secure the website so that it is accessible only by logging in with a user name that I supply to my guests?


Is the website responsive, that is, does it adapt to all mobile devices?

Yes. Please try the demo out on your mobile devices to see how effective the website looks and how it adapts to the size of your device.